The FutureMOVE competition is open for international students. Deadline for submissions is extended to January 15, 2013.

MLOVE and launch the award for the best M-Commerce business model. FutureMOVE is organized by, Germany’s most famous online price comparison website, in cooperation with MLOVE, host of the international MLOVE ConFestival series. FutureMOVE is looking for the best future M-Commerce business models in order to find solutions for how to shop in future.

The online-market, especially E-Commerce is both one of the fastest developing markets and an established business model. Today and in the future, the biggest challenge to be solved is the rapid development of technology, a changing communication pattern, demographical factors and first of all the use of mobile devices.

Get your chance to:

  • Free Tickets to the ConFestival USA 2013.
  • 10.000 EURO seed capital.
  • Connect to a unique network and access mentoring from experts of the digital and mobile business.


  • Applications have to be sent to MLOVE by January 15, 2013 via the form below
  • The two finalists are invited to the MLOVE ConFestival USA in spring 2013 to attend the finale.
  • The winner will be chosen in the USA and get a stipend of 10.000 EUR.

Eligibility requirements for MLOVE FutureMOVE

Any of age registered student can apply for the contest. Applications of groups must notify Mlove along with registration. All group members have to fulfill the required eligibilities included in the Mlove Terms and Conditons... More

Participating Universities

10.000 EUR seed money for the best idea for mobile shopping in the future

In cooperation with MLOVE initiated an idea contest: FutureMOVE.
Students need to submit an idea or an innovative business model about the mobile shopping experience of the future.

  • What are we going to buy in 2020?
  • What will influence our buying decision in the future?
  • Where are we going to shop?
  • How are we going to pay?
  • Can mobile consumption be more sustainable than established business models?


MLOVE is the perfect platform for all students and Start-Ups who want to go beyond limits. The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The event exposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of Mobile to maximize the opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better.

The MLOVE tribe was founded in 2008 and started grass roots with an international group of “mobile passionistas”. MLOVE’s goal is to stimulate new ideas and thinking which you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others.

How will Mobile change the Future of Commerce?

Mobile technology is having an undeniable impact on the commercial world and global trade. Every day the purchasing process is surrounded by technologies and influenced by options like cashless payment, mobile price comparison solutions or apps that help us managing our shopping list. Mobile has created a timeless environment by making the purchasing and trading of goods available 24/7 and on a worldwide mainstream. Everything, everywhere, at any time.

But what are the real, long term advantages and what are the consequences of this M-Commerce Lifestyle? What does it suggest for thoses who consume all around the clock as human being not only as a paying customer? And what are evolutionary consequences of a globally trading civilization? More

More information for universities and students:

Advisory Board
Dr. Robert Daubner

MLOVE Project Manager
Ewa Okolski